HORSE AGILITY- You will never look back once you've tried it!!


and discover connection through Horse Agility!


At Exmoor Riding we aim to consider the horse first with all our riding and training.  To this end all our horses are barefoot, they are ridden with gentle bridles without a bit except during dressage work when a gentle snaffle is used, and using treeless saddles, where you can feel the movement of the muscles of the horse beneath and ride sypathetically to its movements.

When the weather is fine we also work with our horses in hand at Horse Agility.  This is a great avenue to building connection with your horse, and to working your way together around various obstacles, all the while asking your horse to make gentle moves in bending, stretching, moving forwards, backwards and sideways, moving his feet one at a time, eventually leading to liberty around your field or paddock.  A horse responding well is a happy horse, who respects you, and wishes to be with you instead of running off or grazing at a distance on his own.  This is such an amazing feeling!

Horse Agility has helped us through a painful stage, particularly with Papoose, in gaining his confidence, and gaining our own self confidence.  Paps now has a good connection with us, and trusts us (and we him) so much more than the previous two years we worked with him, and we have a far greater understanding of each other.  We strongly recommend Horse Agiity for anyone who has a problem with themselves and their horse.

If  you would like a domonstration with Horse Agility come and watch us working with our horses in the afternoons (phone beforehand to make sure we will be doing so), and ask questions or have a go yourself.

Watch the videos below, and enjoy our short slide show of our horses enjoying their training sessions.  Or visit our You tube Exmoor riding channel and find the horse agility videos there.

Sirrus - with Lissie, just having fun over the obstacles and through the cones - whoops, just a few too many tight ropes but great fun!!

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Archie - the laid back teenager, learning to cope with small steps over strange objects.

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Paps - with persistent time and patience Paps is mastering connection well as we both learn to move together.

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Visit the International Horse Agility Club and join today - you will never look back!

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