Alex and Mizse - Chapter 3 - Holistic healing through animal communciation and Reiki

Alex's conversations with Mizse:

Alex is a professional Story Teller, and can be contacted through her own website Story-Well.  She is currently developing her career, learning to work through communication with animals, following the principles of Anna Breytenbach, one of the worlds greatest animal communicators.

Alex is talking to some of our animals here at Exmoor Owl & Hawk Centre.  We thought we would ask her to talk to Mizse as he is such a troubled horse, and has an interesting and probably disturbed past.  Alex's first visit was a good start into his  past, and how he is feeling being here at the Centre, but her second conversation with Mizse (as Alex is becoming more experienced, and Mizse more relaxed) is an eye opener both into his past and into animal communication.  If I was ever sceptical, I must put aside my doubts, and have an open mind if we are to help this horse, and he has much to tell.  


It is worth noting that Alex has no former knowledge of Mizse, has not read his diary here, and has no experience of horses.  Mizse has taken to her straight away, and finds her calming and relaxing sitting in his stable with him.  We instinctively know that he will not harm her, as she has such a placid energy.

The following is taken directly from Alex's notes, and the writing in colour are our comments from what we know about Mizse.

11th June 2016 - As you may have heard I met with Misze.  He was lovely, very patient and clearly curious by my note-taking!

The first question  - How long have you been here?  posed a valuable lesson for me ... the answer came through as 3-4 and I assumed it was years without even considering other possibilities! (he has been here 4 months at this point in time)

 2 - How old are you? – answer, 12.  (he is now 12)

 3 - Where did you come from? – answer Spain. - (from Hungary)

 4 - Where were you born?  - answer: rolling green hills, a river - (not sure about this one, as it would appear that Mizse comes from a part of Hungary close to a large lake or reservoir - perhaps this should be read as 'water' instead of 'river')

 5 - Who is your best friend? – answer, Ronnie.  (We don't know a Ronnie)

6. - What’s your favourite treat? – answer, green round, smooth/shiny - (possible mints in shiny paper and green packaging, but smooth and round)

7. - What was your name before you came here? – answer, Sp...? (Spot?!)  (The horse in the stable next to him is nicknamed Spot, but Alex did not know this at the time. - There is more on his former name in the next conversation)

8 - Are you in any pain/discomfort in your body? – answer ...  I assumed the answer was yes as he was shifting weight at the time from one back leg to another

9. - Where? – hips  (This is possible as he is uncomfortable when he walks, and obviously has discomfort somewhere in his body area - we are still exploring wehre this discomfort lies)

10. - Which other horses do you like to go out in the field with? – answer, Toffee, Kitna, Druscilla - (We don't know of these names)

At the end I asked him if he would like to ask me anything and he asked for some healing which I happily gave.  He also asked why I was writing things down, so I explained it helped me to focus and to learn.


It was a joy to spend time with Mizse and whilst I’m not sure what questions to ask next time, I’d love, if its ok with you to return.  


This is the second conversation Alex had with Mizse (10th July) - again the correct possible answers are in colour - a lot of this feedback from Alex made us cry, but it could so easily be true.

Good morning Cathy, it was lovely to see you yesterday and to spend more time with Mizse.  Here is a record of our communication:


Q.1 – What was your name before you came here.  Ans: Flajo

Q.2 – What’s your favourite treat, I have to admit here I thought I was being very clever with apples!  Haha, so good to be reminded that first it’s not about me or my ‘cleverness’, its about listening and leaving me out of it.  Thank you Mizse and Extra Strong Mints!

Q.3. – Which other horses do you like here?  Ans: small, dark chestnut, black mane, cheeky boy. (Possibly Tom his grazing companion)

Q.4. – What did you do yesterday?  Ans: Talked to you, played, water, little ones, fun.  (Mizse was in the field close to the little shetlands and donkeys, and the field has a small stream running through in which he paddled and splashed)

Q.5. – What do you enjoy doing most of all?  Ans: Being with others, herd, family, ‘being’ together, playing, moonlight - (very likely true)

Q.6. – What would you like to do?  Ans: swim

Q.8. – Is there anything you want? Ans: To forget - (rather poignant)

Q.9. – Is there anything you’re worried about?  Ans: Had a sense of peacefulness followed by, how long will I be here?  Will I have to leave?

Q.!0. – Who is your best friend here? Ans: Loves the blonde lady, kind, gentle, reassuring

Q.11 – What don’t you like?  Ans: Loud bangs, thunder

  Good morning Cathy :)  Last week's chat: (24th July)

1.  How are you today?  Happy :) 

2.  How are you physically?  There are issues, nothing I need to worry about.  Others are kind and looking after me well.

3.  What did you do between 5-7 years old?  I was strong - worked hard - heavy, cold metal - pulling - noise, steel, furnace, - shouting men - round and round. (Mizse spent the first part of his working life at a tourist facility in Hungary, in which he would probably have been part of a demonstration team circling a large field arena.  There would have been a lot of noise and public address system, with others around showing gymnastics with other horses, standing on them and cracking long whips.  ' Steel' could refer to the heavy harness worn and the furnace used in the shoeing process.  The Centre in Hungary had thousands of visitors at any one time, so it would have been a very noisy place)

4.  Where did you live until 7 years old?  Red bricks, soldiers - (Possibly his stable of bricks, and men in some kind of uniform appearing to be like soldiers)

5.  What was it like?  Demanding, I was part of a team and it was the same for all of us.

6.  Did you have a friend there?  Yes, angel, soft hands, loving heart.  Young boy, daughter?

7.  Is there anything you didn't like about that place?  Brutality

8.  Why did you leave?  Couldn't do my job - hurt me - it was a circus - ('hurt me' could refer to the melanomas in his mouth, or just the way he was treated.  Remember that Alex knows nothing of this in his past at all)

9.  Is there anything you'd like Cathy and Rod to know?  Thank you :)

10 What was your name before you came here?  Numbers not names  - (Mizse has large numbers and emblem branded on his sides and he probably would have been identified on a daily basis by his number as all the Lipizzaner horses could well have looked much the same)

11 Would you like to be ridden out?  To go out to see where I am, a hilltop with views.  On a rope first with friends, blonde girl.  Not sure about being ridden, want to get used to this place, this land and the feel of being ridden first. Other horse-beings have said how fun it is, curious.

12 Why do you have numbers on your back (786) I.D.  I like my new name :)

13 Any questions you would like to ask me?  Do you ride? (Alex does not ride and has never worked with horses before)

Afterwards I gave Mizse some Reiki around his girth, over numbers and down his front legs.  There was an emotional release (sadness).  All the while from start to finish he seemed happy munching his hay.


29th August 2016

Hi Cathy, lovely to see you last weekend and thanks for allowing me to come and visit Mizse again on Monday.

Here is a transcript of our conversation. 

1.  How are you today?  Blessed: sweet hay, warm sunshine, peaceful home, kind people, new friends, new experiences.  Happy :)

2.  Who do you like here?  Jo - fair, light, gentle, reassuring, trusts me.

3.  What have you done since my last visit?  Getting to know place/people.  Exploring, the woods are lovely.  Sunshine warm, moonlight clear.  I feel better more and more.  I am blessed with kindness, soft voices and sweet hay.  It feels like I'm beginning a new life, full of love and healing.

4.  Is there anything you would like to do?  Swim in moonlight waters (he sniffed my writing pad as I wrote that down).  I love this hay.  I like the light one on my back without reins/bit.  I feel good.

5.  What are you enjoying at the moment? The hay!  Summer sunshine and your company.  Happy to help you practice this art of conversation.  You are different.  (at this point I felt a sense of his increasing, growing curiosity in life and other beings.)

6.  Are you in any pain or discomfort?  No - I enjoy the healing though, thank you :)

7.  Is there anything you'd like to ask me?  Where do you live?  (Told him that I live east of here, on a hill below a castle.)  Are there horses there? (Not now, there used to be: stables and carriages).

8.  Is there anything you'd like to ask/tell Cathy?  Thank you.

Overall, he seems much brighter in his eyes, more settled and his energy seems clearer. 

He feels noble again.  He feels proud again.  He feels good again.