Mizse' Diary - Chapter Four - Ups and Downs of Life


23rd August -  The other day a lady called Claire came and took some photos of me - apparently she has won a competition with one of them - hey guys, I think she caught my best side, don't you?


Funny old world, this riding idea.  Some days I find it great fun, and other days I jsut want to get home to the comfort and security of my stable.  My fetlock on my right hind has been painful this week, as I keep kicking it with my other foot when messing around in the field with Tom, but now that Hayley and Cathy are wrapping it up for me it is feeling a lot mroe comfortable.  

Over the last few days I have had some lovely little rides out, up to Allerford, over the river and back through the woods, or down to Bossington and through the river along the track.  But today was just the last straw and I just wanted to go home, so I pulled John all the way along the track.  I felt a bit mean, but when I got back into my stable I felt really chilled out - I like the security of the stable so much.  They keep giving me lots of cuddles and praises and telling me that I will get used to it eventually - I'm not so sure - I'm rather a stubborn proud stallion!   ….oh no, I forgot, I'm not anymore!

The other thing is, Juta is in season again in the next stable, and I find her so beautiful!  I have been feeling rather amorous towards her this week, but it's not the same feeling as I used to get - perhaps my hormones are not as active as they used to be when I was a magnificent stallion.  However, I let Hayley clean my underparts wioutout protesting.  I think she was a little amazed by what she saw, however, as she took a lot of photos of my bits.  She says there are lots of melanomas there, and that I am going to be put on turmeric and black pepper for a while in my feed.  I guess Hayley and Cathy want to help, but I'm not so sure I'm going to like spicy Indian food - guess I'll just have to try it and see what it is like!

mizse melanomas 2 mizse melanomas1


3rd September - Roy has been to ride me recently, and most of the time I found it to be an ok experience.  On his last day I did run along the road with him, but he soon managed to stop me and we went on fine from htere.  We have been through the woods, and I even walked through the fords on my own, without resistance, which Cathy and Hayley said was really clever of me.  Cathy says I look really chilled out and a bit of a cool dude with my ears forwards.  That was a fun little ride, and most of the time I went all by myself without having a lead rope on! (Tom was in front of me of course - he is my great comforter and lead guy, but I must admit I do beat him up a bit in the field - he is such a silly young horse!).   That was a good day.

mizse roy woods2

mizse roy woods1

By the way - I love that spicy turmeric stuff, especially when it's mixed with coconut oil - yummy!  I'm feeling pretty well at the moment, and have got over the sore foot that I had last week.  I have had another chat with Alex from Storywell, and she says that I am a lot happier and calmer now, and I told her that I was feeling a lot better and didn't have any pain or aches anywhere.  .  She is such a gentle quiet lady I can tell her all my secrets.  You can read our most recent conversation here. (29th August)

The day after Alex's visit John and I went to the beach (with Tom as well of course). .  John was well pleased as I have never been along that path before, and I managed it without any resistance.  It was a great feeling to see the sea!

mizse at beach

I went out to the field this afternoon, and there was a HUGE MONSTER out there!!  Tom had to lead me into the field as I just could not go out there in front.  Hayley says she couldn't see the monster, but I know it was there.  Wow.  At least it didn't eat us and it went away as suddenly as it appeared!

We've got some grass in our fields now as it has rained a few times recently, so it's great to have lovely soft green grass to munch on again after so many weeks without it.  I like it when the grass grows.

I'm getting along really well here, and I like it - it is safe and calm and secure, and all the other horses are kind and gentle to one another.  I feel I can trust everyone now that I know them better, and I enjoy my days.  But sometimes I'm mean to John, and pull him around a bit, so Hayley and Cathy say I need to learn a bit more respect.  I have started going into the arena more often, and that is not such a scary place anymore.  I am leading the way around and Tom is following with a rider on, so when I want to stop and plant my feet he doesn't let me and I have to keep walking.  it is quite fun, and I am learning to 'stand' and 'walk on' much beter now.  It is difficult learning a completely new language, new ways and new things, but I will get there day by day.  Hayley says that I musn't be allowed to get away with my 'naughty' habits, like pulling through the bridle, or planting my feet, biting or stamping with my front feet like I used to.  She says that as long as I gently do little exercises I can go back to my stable and my soft fresh hay!  I quite like that idea, and we don't have any fights either.  It's good to feel happy about working, and to have a lovely reward at the end of it!

13th October -  life has gone along gently the last few weeks, and I have been introduced to 'Horse Agiity' which I found a bit weird, but I guess it was a fun experience and I learnt a few new challenges.  I hae had some lovely walks out to Bossington village, and even gone down to the sea a few times - I enjoyed those few days, but didn't want to do it too often.  I can enjoy the memory of the experience.

I have been quite stiff and a little lame since September, and it comes and goes, but I kind of got used to it.  But on Friday this huge pain shot straight through me - I thought Roside was to blame, so I bit her, and then I tried to bite John as well.  I know it wasn't his fault. but I couldn't  help myself - anyway he jumped out the way so I din't get him thank goodness!  Since Friday the pain has grown and grown.  A kind man came to see me on Monday, and he had a chat with Hayley - she told me he was Tom the Vet.  I know he can't help me with the pain, and I am struggling to get to the field now, but I am calm and happy in my stable and the yard.  Tom, my horse friend is looking out for me the whole time and won't leave my side - we even sleep together at night.  

Kind Alex came to see me today, and she gave me some Reiki healing which helped my inner self.  I yawned and yawned, and couldn't stop yawning, so a lot of stress left me today.  I know I have to leave now, and fly away to my freedom, like an owl.  I told her I was happy to have lived here, and feel calm, with gentle energy now.

Everyone is being very kind to me, and I am getting loads of treats.  For those of you who know me I have to leave, and thank you for your love.  Goodnight, and I will remember you all.


Thank you for coming into our lives Mizse, and for being the magnificent horse that you were.  We hope you have enjoyed your last months with us, and found happiness amidst the fields and stable friends you have made here.  Your spirit will stay in this yard forever - you have had a profound affect on all of us who have known you and loved you and been loved by you here. R.I.P.dear Mizse


Mizse-At-Gate sepia