Mizse's Diary - Chapter 1 - First few weeks!


January 2016

Hi!  I'm Mizse (Meesha).  I have recently come over from Hungary and starting a new life here on Exmoor.  It has all been quite a daunting and stressful experience, but hopefully I can now find my hooves.  I suppose in a way I am a kind of refugee, and it takes a while to find somewhere that I will be happy with.   

The Lipizzaner breed of horse is 430 years old. It was bred during the Austro-Hungary Monarchy for command of Archduke Charles II, in the territory of current Lipica in Slovenia. They wished to breed an excellent, hard structured horse for the imperial court who shows magnificence and wealth in its character - It has 8 kins: Pluto, Conversano, Favory, Maestoso, Neapolitano, Siglavy Capriola, Incitato, Tulipan.  My ancestry date back to the origins of time in the Lipizzaner breed.

I was born and brought up in Tanyacsarda, Lajosmizse a short distance south of Belgrade.  This is a tourist resort with lots of other horses, and a renowned Lipizzaner breeding stud.  Both my dam and sire are show champion Lipizzaner, and I think I was destined to be The Prince of all Princes at the stud - with a name after the village and the Knight to the King in medieval times, I was born proud and noble, and I come from the Favory line.

I was trained as a driving horse and spent every day as part of a coach and four for the tourists to watch.  This was rather fun, and not too stressful, which I kind of liked as I was blinkered a lot of time I was out, so there was little to stress me out.  When I was seven years old I was sold to another yard - I don't know why I was moved, but I expect I was too strong for them in the shows - my mouth ws beginning to hurt which I couldn't understand, and I had to pull against the bit to try and get away from the pain.  I then changed yard several times and my story remains untold until……….

In August 2o15 when I was 10 years old I was shipped across to Birmingham in England.  I was rather scared - a strange land, a strange language and  a strange yard - But I found comfort in my stable, where it was warm and there was always plenty of hay now.  The humans seemed kind and gentle, and I began to settle with some new horsey friends.  It was very noisy around us at the stables, as apparently there were large roads and motorways surrounding us - this was a bit worrying, but my new friends told me that I would soon get used to it.

My mouth was still troubling me and I was moved again for re-training as I was pulling more and more against the bit.  Again, I found peace and quiet in my new stable, and made more new friends.  They were kind and gentle people in this new yard, and I was worked every day, firstly in an arena and then out on the road.  You can find out my story in the video posted here on Facebook!  How strange that I should have my own Facebook video!

Shortly after leaving this training yard I returned to Birmingham, and the people there decided not to use me for driving anymore as my mouth still hurt me, and they realised that the bit was causing me some discomfort.  You see, I learnt that I have two melanomas in my mouth on the right hand side, just inside the cheek where the bit sits, so I could no longer be used for driving.

5th February:  So I moved again.  This time I ended up in Exmoor.  This is a very different yard as it very open here and that is a bit scary too.   I love my new stable and can make some more friends.  My new owners are called Cathy and Rod, and Hayley and Jon work at the yard too so I see a lot of them.  There are chickens running all over the place, and two pigs and a goat to keep me company.  They were weird at first, but I soon got used to them.  From my stable yard I can see out into the lane which is very quiet, and can smell and hear other horses living quiet close.  I wonder if they are friendly horses?  Perhaps I will meet them sometime soon?  I find this gate quite scary as cars suddenly appear from nowhere and strange noises come from all around.  Now I am quite used to cars, but I have only ever seen them with my blinkers on before, so it is odd to see things with all my vision now.

This is a video of me on my second day here - it was rather scary being out in a big open field on my own for a while, but Cathy and Rod were there too.  I was soon taken back to my stable though where I felt a bit more relaxed with lots of hay.

My neighbour is a little Appaloosa called Juta.  She is very cute and spotty, and she squeals a bit when I talk to her.  I think we will get along just fine, as she is otherwise quite gentle, and not at all threatening.  The other two horses in my yard are two cobs called Paps and Rosie - they are a unit, and seem to be a little threatening whenever I go near them - perhaps they are just a bit worried about having me around.

15th February - I am beginning to settle down quite well here now.  I spend most of my time in the yard, and Cathy walks me around very quietly and gently.  Sometimes I pull her all over the place as that is what I am used to doing, and she gets a bit upset, so I am trying not to do this to her.  That gate still worries me, but I am beginning to get used to it a bit more.

17th February - Cathy took me and Hayley took Juta out into the road today - it was a bit scary, but there was loads of grass out there.  Wow, that was great.  One or two cars came round the corner suddenly, and I had never seen cars from the side before - they made me jump.  but I loved that grass.  I hope we can go there again.

18th February - We went round the yard again today, and then Cathy took me out through the gate with Juta once again.  Delicious!

19th February - Hayley took me outside on my own to another patch of grass.  That was fun, but those cars are still scary - they just suddenly appear out of nowhere!

20th February - Great - we're off to the grass again - let's go!!!  Wow, pull, pull, come on let's get there!  ……….   Oh no!  I've got to turn round.  Cathy couldn't hold me - it was all so tempting - then she won and we returned to the yard.  What a disappointment!  Never mind, we went up to the top yard, and I pulled her through the gap.  This is great.  This is just what I am used to.  But oh dear.  We had to do circles, stand, walk on, stand, walk on.  Then we walked quietly through the gate to the training area, and out into the field.  Cathy let me off the line there, and we spent some time in the field together.  I had a great roll, then jumped around a bit, then waited until she finished exploring the field - no idea why she did that!  I really did not want to explore any field.  Back to my stable, nice and quiet, no more pulling and a great trough of hay.  Lovely.

22nd Feb.  I'm still afraid of the gate in the yard and can't help holding my head up high and snorting, but I'm getting much more calm at the walk in the yard.  I did a lovely join up in the yard, and weaved around the poles, then I was let off and enjoyed some more hay in my stable. 

23rd February -I rolled in yard last night for the first time, but still do all my poo in the stable.  I feel I am settling in now, and it was great to go out into the training area, and to come back in.  I am walking with a much lower head and neck now, and Cathy is not holding onto the rope at all - hey I quite like this walking thing and not feeling that jarring pull against my halter!

25th February.  I am trying very hard to behave today.  Cathy asked me to do some very small movements in the yard, and we did a little dance thingy together, back and forth on one foot - at first I didn't understand, then found it was rather fun and I licked and chewed very shortly.  She then gently walked me up to the top yard, which I flew into yesterday leaving her standing which was fun.  I enjoyed doing that and showed off to Archie at the same time.   I am feeling calmer today and behaved more like a grown up which is what Cathy wants me to do.  Then  we walked out into the back training area - I was so chilled out in the sun I stayed there and watched Cathy wander around the car park and field - I don't know why she did that, but I didn't want to join her today.  

After a short while she gently led me back to my stable.  I liked this session.  

Later on a very quiet and gentle man came and took my shoes off- he didn't even bang my feet - WOW, I can feel the ground beneath my feet!  What a strange sensation!  It's rather fun just to quietly tip-toe around the yard and no-one can hear me come, and my feet are feeling much warmer on this cold winter ground.  Everything is very strange here at this yard, but I think I will like it - I hope I can stay here.

28th February -  My feet are sore.  I hope I don't have to do too much.  Cathy took me out to the field today with Juta.  That was fun, as it was the first time I had been out with another horse.  Juta is cute.  I love Juta.  I want to be with her forever.  She is so calm, and I enjoyed going into the field today.  I had a great roll, then Juta had a roll - we love rolling.

3rd March - Cathy and Hayley took Juta and me into the arena today.  First off I went in and pulled Cathy all over the place - I recognised the arena, and I knew I had to pull, and pull, but she was not too pleased.  She got me to stand still and then Hayley brought Juta in.  I walked around quietly for a bit, then Cathy let me off for a roll, and Juta had a roll afterwards.  We then just stayed in the arena to hang out together, and found a bit of grass to eat.  It was very calming today.

6th March  - we had such fun today.  Juta and I were taken into the arena again today.  First of all we walked around in circles as I was pulling a bit, but I soon found that Juta didn't pull at all.  How come she is so calm.  I had to roll to get rid of some of my tension, so Cathy let me off.  That was such a good roll, then she put me back on the line, and we carried on walking around.  I was very good, but a bit scared of the big hedge on the other side of the arena.  I was quite calm though, and both Juta and I were soon let off the lines.  Then we had great fun - Hayley asked Juta to trot around - she has such a nice gentle trot - so I followed her.  She arched her neck, so I did the same, and we danced around the arena for a while, with my tail held high like a flag.  I loved it!  We then changed direction, and I went off on my own for a bit - that was rather stressful so Juta came to join me, and shortly Cathy and Hayley left us to chill out together.  We loved that little session - hope we can do that again.  I think I will like it here.

10th March -  Had a great time out in the field with Juta the other day.  She is LOVELY.  I ADORE her!  I gave her a big cuddle with my head right over her back - not like that Rosie who just kicks me out the way and stands in the opposite side of the field when we are together.  She is such a MADAM!  I don't think I will take to her much.  But Juta and I just hit it off straight away - I didn't want to be taken back into the yard, but in the end I let Cathy put the halter on me as she promised me a bowl of food.  I hope Juta and I can get together again soon - Cathy says we can when she is not in season.

I've been walking backwards and forwards to the field and the arena really well this week.  Cathy says I am like a little lamb - well we may be the same colour, but I think there's a bit more about me than a lamb!

12th March - Freeschooling again - great fun, but I snorted quite a lot.  I think I did quite well, and Cathy was pleased with me as she gave me a nice stroke and a pat afterwards!  Just look at my tail as it flies!  I'm not frightened of the whip either any more - I feel proud.

19th March - time flies, and I am gaining confidence every day.  Juta and I have been out in the field together again, and I have also had Tom's company in the next door field a couple of times.  I think Tom and I will get along fine.  I enjoy going out into the field now,  there are always other horses close by and I can stay out for an afternoon without wanting to go back into my stable.  I am getting used to gentle working in the arena, and walk quietly out into the Car Park area of the farm now without pulling.  

20th March - Tom and I had a short while together today - we got along fine most of the time, but when he bit me on the withers I got very angry with him and told him what I thought of him - I don't think he will be doing THAT again, and we should respect each other now that we have it sorted.  It's good to have company in the field so I hope we will be grazing partners together another day.  After a couple of hours we went back into our stables for a good meal!  It's very cold here at the moment, so we are all very hungry.

Continued on Chapter 2