SIRRUS - Irish draught x thoroughbred 15.3hh, born 1995


'Sirrus', like Dandy, has been with us since 1996, when we purchased them together as 9month old foals. They have been inseperable ever since, and are constant companions both in stable and field. Sirrus is a very quiet, demure little mare, and will do anything you ask of her - she is always there to watch you, follow you, and learn with you. She makes a wonderful ride for those lacking in confidence, but also is great fun for the more experienced rider as well, with her really gentle manner.

She has hated a bit in her mouth all her life, and when we discovered the Dr Cook's bitless bridles in 2010, she was our first horse to try one out - from moving with her ears back, her head on one side, and a mouthful of grass between her teeth, she started riding with enthusiasm, straight, and with self assurance. I only wish now that I had listened to her earlier, but knew of no other way at the time!

She is our most popular riding horse, and most reliable. If you ride her you will love her and want to take her home with you.  She is a great little horse.

Sirrus Barefoot Trims

Problems: None in particular.  Sirrus was 18yrs when she went barefoot in November 2012, and we gently rode her along lanes throughout the following soaking wet winter, then introduced her to the tracks and hills of Exmoor in March 2013 - she has ridden like a dream ever since, with rock crunching feet.  Who says you can't ride barefoot over Exmoor?!  (Nov 2013)

Sirrus has been ridden almost daily throughout the summer, and goes from strength to strength, and sstill loves the hills and moors with our customers.  Her recent health issues have included a mass of small sarcoids on her hind right leg, and sore skin on her back, both of which we have treated with great success with a simple wash of bicarbonate of soda solution every other day.  Although her coat turned a little ginger, her skin improved and the sarcoids completely disappeared!  (Nov 2013)

October 2015

Sirrus has been going well again this year, but sadly got lymphangitis during the Spring, when her hind leg swelled like a tree trunk and she could not move.  After several weeks of medication and gentle exercise she is well back to normal and once again enjoying riding out over the hills.  She is perhaps a little stiff on her hind legs, however this could also be due to her age, but after a few minutes of warming up she goes well and continues to look after the more nervous riders.  Eventually Pebbles will be her replacement and she is now settling down to be a calm and placid mare.

October 2018

Sirrus is still the most reliable horse in the yard!!  At 23yrs she can still put in a gallop over the moor with a competent, confident rider, and yet…. with a nervous rider she will assess the situation and only do what the rider is capable of!!  She is the most perfect little mare for everyone, connecting with the energy of her rider, and reacting to help and giving a great time.  If only there were more clones of Sirrus around!!