JUTA -  15hh Appaloosa, Leopard Spot, born 2000


Juta joined our stable in October 2012, and has settled in well.  She is the kindest, sweetest natured horse we have ever met, and will only do what you ask her to do - as long as you ask her politely and correctly!  She has been trained to level 4 Parelli, and is an excellent dressage teacher.  

However, Juta does not like other horses very much!  She is now grazing with Tom, but is very much in control of the situation - we daren't put her with another mare as her skill at acrobatics far surpasses their normal level of athleticism, and she causes problems amongst the mares from time to time.  She is an excellent ride and really enjoys her freedom on the hills - she has taught us all a great deal wince her arrival!

Juta's Barefoot Trims

Juta arrived barefoot from birth (currently 13 years old), but due to incorrect trimming and overprotection with boots her feet had deep infected thrush in all four feet with contracted heels (or no heel at all), were poorly balanced and twisted, and she was often slightly lame.  At first she did not take well to riding without boots, and resented any unusual surface, but slowly her soles toughened, her heels developed, her thrush disappeared and her feet balanced out.  She had an abscess on two of her feet in the first six months (just like Pebbles) but since June 2013 she has been riding from strength to strength, has had good sound, solid, well balanced feet, and her paces and way of going have improved considerably.  She is settling well into a happy lifestyle with a good comination between riding the Exmoor countryside, inhand work and dressage.  Quite a little star!  (Nov 2013)