PEBBLES - 15.2hh thoroughbred, born 2005

MARCH 2012: 'Pebbles' is fairly new to our stables, a young seven year old, but has found her feet in her new home. The same age as Paps bar a week she too lacks in self confidence. She is now helping Sirrus with all the rides that she has to do, and hopefully will become as reliable, sweet and gentle over time. She seems very happy now that she knows where she lives, and associates well with the other horses, enjoys her agility tremendously, and flirts forever with Archie (who wouldn't) and Paps, (when she gets the chance!!)


MARCH 2013: Pebbles is available for riding for experienced riders, and has a terrific turn of speed when asked, but kind and gentle most of the time.

September 2013: Pebbles is now one of our kindest mares, and offers very controlled and gentle rides (but still has that incredible turn of speed).  She is maturing into a super little 15.2hh thoroughbred!  Being a gentle horse, she needs a very gentle hand.  With constant in-hand work Pebbles is now making a connection with mankind, and beginning to trust and respect.  This takes a long time to feel comfortable with, and very exciting when you really feel that two-way connection. 

Pebbles' barefoot trims:

Problems:  Quite substantial dishing at pace, but no particular hoof problem  -  however she did develop an abscess after three months of work, which we have now eradicated and worked through.  This has undoubtedly always been an underlying issue until it was given opportunity to come to fruition.  Pebbles has now (Nov 2013) had no abscess problems for 12 months and her dishing is far less serious than originally.

Pebbles also arrived with serious head swinging issues, and was obviously uncomfortable in a bitted bridle.  We immediately put her into a Dr Cook's bitless bridle, and her head swinging diminished.  For the first year we had to have her teeth floated every 4 months for her own comfort, but we are now down to 9months to one year between each treatment, and she goes wonderfully in a bitless bridle.  She is certainly a well settled and happy little mare.  (Nov 2013)

October 2015

After a few changes of staff which destablilised her for a while, Pebbles has again settled into a calm and pleasant ride.  She enjoys her schooling, and is responding well to the leg and seat, so she is no longer dependent on rein control all the time.  She remains the fastest mare in the yard, and yet she can control her paces when asked.  Still a little nervous, but with calm and competent riders she is one of the best horses in the yard.