ROSIE - 15.1hh Welsh Cob Section D, born 1993

'Rosie', our elder mare, full Welsh Cob Section D, charge of the herd, and always the boss! A good ride, 19years of age, and forever the teacher to both horses and riders! With good conformation, square in all corners, and very stable, with a bit of go when she is in the right mood. If you ride well, Rosie will give you an excellent ride. She certainly has a mind of her own, and you will soon discover her mood when you are on her - lazy, frolicky, forward going, laid back, 'I'll go where I like' attitude, nappy, honest and brave - all in one go! Great fun! She'll make you laugh! A great personality.


Over the years Rosie has taught many of our younger horses a few manners. When Archie arrived he knew not how to be a horse, and just barged around everywhere. Rosie soon showed him how to behave without harming him, and has helped turn him into the lovely, kind horse he is today.

Paps too was very unsure of himself, and considered himself to be the 'bees knees' around the other horses. He did get hurt on his front knee by Archie, so then we grazed him with Rosie, and she again has helped give him a few horse manners. Nowadays they are inseperable!

Every horse herd and every stable needs a Rosie! (May 2012)

Rosie has recently suffered with arthritis in her fetlocks and feet since August 2012, and has been on gentle exercise since.  We have tried various remedies to help alleviate her discomfort, including Devils Claw Root, chondroitin/glucosamine, Meadowsweet herb, increased salts in her diet, micronised linseed and magnesium.  She is now stabilised and taking three mile road exercise barefoot and still improving weekly.  (January 2013)

We will allow her now to retire gently, but she is still available for pony rides, and for gentle one hour hacks.  She is a kind and gentle mare, and we know you will enjoy her if you are new to riding or lacking in self confidence.


(July 2013) - Change of plan!!

Rosie has made incredible recovery over the last few months.  She is now going out on hacks, barefoot, through the woods, even over the moors, and frequently over-taking the younger, fitter horses.  She still has a mind or her own, and still needs a competent rider, but given the right conditions she makes a fun ride, and a great companion!  You will love her when you meet her!  

We believe the added minerals in her diet have led to her miraculous recovery.

Rosie's Barefoot trims

Watch Rosie's Barefoot portfolio here to see how her condition and health is mirrored in her gentle improvement in her feet!  Last year, we never would have believed that Rosie could canter and gallop across the hills once again!!

Rosie is currently a serious contender in our stables once again, has worked gently and consistently through the summer, and loves going out with the bigger horses, if only to prove to us all that she can still keep up!!