OUR RIDES Riding over Exmoor National Park

We welcome riders at all levels, but are happier if you can control a horse on a hack at walk, trot and canter. We will usually only take one novice at a time, usually with an experienced partner. Riders who ride western riders will be treated as novice riders.

You can ride with us all through the year - our rides stretch as far as you can see from our farm - the possibilities are endless! We believe we can offer some of the best riding in the world in all seasons. Ours are quality, forward going horses, without the fizz, and are fit, keen and kindly gentle - we focus on good horses, good riding, and wonderful scenery.


Basic Horse riding equipment
Riding hats must fit properly - they should not flop around on yoru head, and should not pinch at the temples.
Jodhpurs are useful but, as a beginner rider, a pair of strong trousers without a seam on the inside of the leg is sufficient. A seam can pinch and cut into your skin as your leg is next to the saddle. Leggings are not suitableas they give you no protection to the inner thigh or inner calf.

Riding / jodhpur boots - or a strong pair of boots that cover the ankle and with a small heel. The ankles can become rubbed and sore if in contact with the stirrup and leathers. The heel is necessary to prevent the foot slipping through the stirrup iron. Trainers are not suitable, they offer little protection and can easily become stuck in the stirrup.
A long sleeved shirt, a properly fastened jacket that is not flapping or a sweatshirt, are recommended.
Protective Headgear to BS…..

We do have some riding hats, and some half chaps for the lower leg, but it is always better for your comfort and safety to bring yourown. Remember, horse riding can be dangerous at any level, and your head protection is of paramount importance. Body protectors are recommended at all levels of riding.

If you would like to view some of our rides visit our Endomondo website where most of our routes are published.

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